Contents Cleaning

If you're faced with a disaster, part of getting life back to normal is keeping the comforts of home. When you’re faced with damage to your building it’s not just the structure you have to be concerned with, but also looking at what can be salvaged from your living or work space, and then considering whether it can be restored.

Hickey Bros. DKI specializes in contents cleaning – that means taking those personal or professional affects that may appear unrecoverable and bringing them back to their original state. Regardless of the location - whether it be on-site or at our state-of-the-art facility - we take your most valued possessions and clean, deodorize, disinfect, and restore them.

Taking care of your most personal items is important to us – you’ve trusted us to do a good job, and we take that job seriously. For each contents cleaning job we:

  • Itemize and inventory each and every items in your home using an ACV Inventory System to determine what can be salvaged and what cannot

  • Pack up your home or business and transport it to our contents cleaning facility

  • Use our specialized systems and cleaning systems for each piece

  • Store your items in a heated area while they wait to be cleaned or prepare for return

Our Fireline Ultrasonic System cleans hard and soft contents. The system uses a combination of ultrasonic (sound) pressure and cleaning solvents to remove many different types of contaminants. Our system is so effective, it's recently been used to thoroughly clean car parts - removing built up grit and grime.

Our Odell Electronics System cleans, you guessed it, electronics.

Our Esporta Wash System cleans smaller, soft contents, such as sports equipment, many types of leather, pillows, and heavy-duty work clothing such as coveralls. 

We take pride in bringing your home or office contents back to life. So to let you know that you’re in great hands, we ensure that we’re following the best practices from our industry. We’re proud to be certified by the Esporta Wash Systems in their Certified Contents Restoration Network.