Specialty Cleaning

Our contents cleaning team has diverse experience that extends far beyond the outcomes of home and building damage clean up.

Using our various cleaning systems we can help with a wide variety of cleaning needs:

  • Sports equipment: Are you hiding nasty, stinky hockey gear in the basement between games? Is your football equipment filled with grime? Does your horse blanket have a funk you can't seem to get rid of? If you have sports gear in need of a deep clean, our cleaning facility can make it new again.
  • Deodorizing: Our experienced cleaning teams also offer deodorizing services for customers looking to remove everyday odours from household items. We've deodorized hard contents to remove the smell of smoke and have even removed common body odours from mattresses.
  • Trauma: Our cleaning teams have extensive experience cleaning many different objects and locations. In addition to cleaning from natural disasters, we can help clean and sanitize locations that have been contaminated with biological waste, as well as certifications in Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup.